Unturned 4.0 Info and what we know so far!

How Much is it gonna Cost?:

So with the Unturned 4.0 devblogs so far we know that Unturned 3.0 was a free to play game on Steam which has been a huge success for the creator! We know from this exclusive interview me and Tolley had with the creator of Unturned Nelson Sexton that 4.0 will cost between £3.00-£5.00.


What does it look like?:

Well we can see that the multiplayer is very basic but it is the art style that Unturned 4.0 will take on-

We are also show in the same blog post that the ammo boxes are going to change art style as well-

And last but not least we are show how the new gun reload and attachments setting will look!-


4 Responses

  1. Alex Booth says:

    Nelson Sexton deserves for this game to be a success and with a small price tag like that it can easily be justified by how much time people spend playing his games

  2. Saray says:

    @Sharkie Last info i’ve checked it is supposed to be free with gold upgrade. 3.0 Gold owners will probably receive some sort of discount or perk as i’ve read it. So what info should we go with?

    • Sharkie says:

      Sorry for The Late Reply
      Yes It should be But Nelson has done soo Much for Untured Im happy to pay anything for 4.0

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